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Experience, craftsmanship and creativity go into every wine cellar.


Summit Wine Cellars is a cumulative of wine storage construction expertise, finesse and artistic temperament – providing residential and commercial wine cellar customers worldwide with custom designs and creative wine cellar innovations. The Summit team personally designs every wine cellar. Expert craftsmen complete the installations with the quality of workmanship that is a New England tradition.


My passion for wine had its roots in my art school years when I worked in the vineyards of New York’s Hudson Valley. Years later, after a three year tenure working as a taster for a national magazine, I was asked to recommend someone who could design and build a 28,000 bottle wine cellar for Lespinasse Restaurant at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Drawing from my experience in design, construction and fine wood working, I undertook the project myself. That led to the successful installation of many residential wine cellar designs as well.

In addition to designing and overseeing every project, I continue to write articles, attend and host wine tastings and host a radio show on NPR, WHDD/ Robin Hood Radio.

I am fortunate that my work takes me to the wine regions worldwide, enabling me to continually enjoy and learn about wines and wine storage innovations. I look forward to including you in my list of satisfied clients.

Fred Tregaskis

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