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Modern custom wine cellars is where Summit Wine Cellars, LLC gets to really show our design and fabrication skills. Summit Wine Cellars, LLC specializes in custom contemporary wine cellar designs to complement more modern homes and commercial establishments. Our complete metal working facility and wood working shop can design and create just about anything one’s imagine can think of.

Sleek designs incorporating clean lines, glass, stainless steel, zinc, bronze and acrylic, all reflect our capabilities. Your vision can become a reality, from design, to fabrication, to installation worldwide. Where space is at a premium, our designs can incorporate compact display and storage. Full height glass cabinets, stainless steel doors, acrylic wine racking, and the most current cooling technology are designed to fit any space in urban and restaurant environments.

Let us work with you to turn your vision for your contemporary wine cellar design into a reality. Contact us today to get started on the wine cellar you always wanted. We implement the best modern wine cellar designs from Maine to California.

Let us help you build the contemporary wine cellar of your dreams!

Modern Wine Cellars 

A full 75% of U.S. adults drink wine, and nearly half — just about 44% — enjoy at least a few glasses of wine weekly. For many U.S. households, that means that modern wine cellars or contemporary wine cellars are practical and well worth the investment. Learn about the latest modern wine cellar ideas below.

Add Flourishes

Adding modern flourishes to wine cellars can be as simple as adding steel, aluminum and glass for a modern effect. Play with lighting. Many contemporary wine rooms use backlighting and LED backlighting. Choose atypical displays, like floating shelves, floor-to-ceiling shelving options, shelves placed at unlikely angles, different size shelves, or glass doors and glass-enclosed wine rooms. Store and display any wine accessories like stemware, decanters, and aerators in plain sight, just make sure the room does not look too crowded or cluttered.

Modern Wine Cellars Double As Displays

Modern wine cellars may not be cellars in the most literal sense–or located in the cellar or basement rooms. Contemporary rooms for storing wine can be in lower levels or upper levels of your home. More recently, wine cellars or wine rooms and wine walls are doubling as attractive, modern art displays. More and more customers are encasing wine collections in glass rooms or opting for sleek, modern-looking jewel box wine cellars. These can be placed in living areas or rec rooms as a conversation piece. Traditionally, low light conditions are best for storing wine. Special glass may be used for climate control in all-glass or jewel box cellars. More customers are also opting to display bottles with their labels facing forward to maximize bottles’ artistic and aesthetic potential.

Are Wine Cellars The New Dining Room?

Another option is combining comfortable entertaining spaces and wine rooms or wine walls. Some modern wine cellars double as dining or entertaining rooms, with a wet bar, full-size table, and plenty of room for guests to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine.

Sleek, modern wine cellars are simple and eye-catching. Contact Summit Wine Cellars about combining wine cellars and entertaining spaces or displaying your wine collection as a modern piece of art.


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