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Storing and presenting wine in today’s restaurants, hotels, wine stores and country clubs is a challenge Summit Wine Cellars understands well. Top restaurants such as Blue Hill at Stone Barns, The Wheatleigh, and The Breakers, have used our designs to present and protect their wines. We have designed and installed wine cellars for fishing lodges in Montana, and a gourmet specialty store in Zurich, Switzerland. Wineries in California and hotels in Las Vegas have all benefited from the unique solutions Summit Wine Cellars has to offer to these demanding commercial establishments.

High end wine retailers such as The Wine Connection in Pound Ridge, NY and Arlington Wine and Liquor in Poughkeepsie, NY have used Summit Wine Cellars, LLC to build their point of sale displays and construct reserve rooms to showcase their wines to clients.

Commercial wine cellar design is where Summit Wine Cellars got its start, designing for some of the top restaurants in New York City. Twenty four years later we are still offering wine storage solutions to establishments worldwide that need to store and present their wines perfectly.

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Custom Commercial Wine Cellars

Did you know that almost 25% of customers enjoying a meal at fine dining establishments describe wine as their favorite drink? They prefer it over mixed drinks, cocktails, and beer selections. It is of utmost importance for restaurants to keep high end wine cellars fully maintained and stocked. Here are just a few ways Summit Wine Cellars can help your establishment turn rows of wine cellar racks and wine rooms into fully functional, yet elegant wine storage facilities.

Into The Practicalities

The most important differences between commercial wine cellars and home wine cellars are the practicalities. Friends and family visiting someone’s home are going to be much more forgiving than restaurant patrons. When you’re investing in commercial wine cellars, you need to be particularly mindful of their functionality.

Commercial, high-end wine cellars need to be positioned away from any major appliances. Large appliances can shake bottles, things that are not practical or desirable for optimal storage and aging. Other factors to consider are the humidity and temperature of these rooms. Wine cellars should have a steady humidity level between 50% to 70%. Wine needs to be stored at temperatures ranging from 53 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. When you work with Summit Wine Cellars, we make sure all of these things are taken into consideration to create the ideal conditions within your commercial wine cellar.

Aim For Eye-Catching Designs

There’s a good chance that patrons may want to see your commercial wine cellar. An attractive wine closet, a wine wall, or glass-enclosed, high-end wine cellar will be a welcome feature should customers see it. With the right atmosphere and furnishings, wine cellars are a great place to host exclusive events like business dinners, meetings, conferences, wine tastings, and wine pairings. Get the most out of this commercial space by incorporating a wet bar, bar stools, or even a bit of seating.

Whatever features you have in mind for your commercial wine cellar, we can help you make it happen. Are you ready to create a high-end wine cellar for your establishment? Let Summit Wine Cellars help you make that dream come true.


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