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Summit Wine Cellars, LLC understands what truly “custom” means. Unfortunately “custom” is a word that is over and misused. When most custom wine cellar designers and builders are buying premade units from high volume factories and calling it “custom”, it makes one wonder.

Working closely with local fabricators enables Summit Wine Cellars, LLC to truly construct a custom wine cellar to our client’s vision of aesthetics and functionality. We have the capability of offering you, our client, the choice of materials such as steel, zinc, bronze, glass, acrylic, and woods of every species to meet your wine storage needs.

With over 24 years of designing and building wine cellar storage worldwide, we can bring to you wine storage solutions and ideas unavailable anywhere else.  Call now to see how Summit Wine Cellars can make your wine cellar vision a reality.

Let Us Help You Create The Custom Wine Cellar of Your Dreams

Your dream custom wine cellar becomes reality with design features such as the latest wine cellar climate control innovations, modern glass and steel appointments, or old world traditional style with antique wood.

Why Custom Wine Cellars?

The ideal wine room maintains most wines at an average of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity ranging from 50-70%. Home wine cellars run the gamut reflecting homeowners’ personal style, wants, or tastes. What are the possibilities? Use the ideas below for inspiration to build a custom wine cellar in your home.

Think About Function

A wine room can be many things. Wine rooms can provide storage, tasting rooms, home bars, and lounge spaces, or a secure place to stow an investment. When building a custom wine cellar, it is important to think about function first and that will help you determine whether you need a simple wine closet or rows and rows of wine cellar racks.

Consumers opting for a bit of extra storage can get away with a closet converted into a wine room, or even a well-placed, modern-looking wine wall. The average wine closet stores fewer than 500 bottles. A walk-in room with wine racks is more suitable for customers with investment-worthy collections or those who want to convert the space into an at-home bar or tasting room.

Get Creative

A traditional wine room often consists of rich wood and elegant wine racks. Traditional rooms are just one of your many options. Install wine storage under staircases and in flex spaces in your home, convert a walk-in closet or pantry into a wine room. Opt for a spiral room, or ask about custom wine cellars that can be installed in hidden spaces! For wine cellars with tables and chairs or tasting areas, consider adding wine barrel supports for glass tables, cork decorations, and other wine-themed accessories.

Make A Statement

Custom wine rooms can be a work of art. Choose architectural elements that complement or accent your home. Choose elements that bring out your personality. Remember that bottles do not have to be displayed in strictly traditional vertical rows. Put all ideas out there and ask if it is possible to make your dream a reality. If you want a wine-filled staircase leading down into your wine cellar, a library-style wine room with stacks of wine racks to browse and peruse, or even a hidden wine room you enter through what appears to be an ordinary bookcase, give Summit Wine Cellars a call and ask about the practicalities of making it happen!



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