Top 5 Benefits of having a wine cellar

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Dreaming of having your very own wine cellar?  Perhaps you have collected some cherished bottles and want to preserve them correctly and showcase them.  Whatever your reason, having your very own wine cellar has many benefits.  And, it’s never too late to act on your dream.

  1. Preserve and protect your wine. 

Wines stored properly maintains the quality of the wine and, in many cases, will improve the taste, aroma and complexity as the wine ages.

There are several key items to consider when preserving and protecting your wine.  These items include: location for storing the bottles, atmosphere, temperature and racking. Wine should be stored in an area away from sunlight. The temperature should be cool and constant. Traditional underground cellars in the wineries of Europe are about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine bottles should be stored on their sides in order to keep the corks moist, and prevent air from entering the bottles and spoiling the wine.

  1. Adds value to your home

Having a wine cellar in your home increases a properties’ resale value.  Besides being a beautiful addition to one’s home, any wine enthusiast would be ecstatic to purchase a home with a built-in cellar.

  1. Organization and convenience

Your growing wine collection can be organized by age, region. Grape variety, or flavor profile. Having an organized cellar makes choosing wines for dinner or a party a pleasure.

  1. Save money.

Having a dedicated space for your wine collection allows you to purchase wine in bulk, and take advantage of sales which contributes to lower costs per bottle. Almost every wine retailer offers case discounts.

  1. Encourages your passion and knowledge.

Your home wine cellar reflects your wine savviness and shows your passion for wine.  Your wine collection showcases your travels to the best wine regions and vineyards, brings back great memories and is a great way to entertain.

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