Braxton Hall Petit Verdot Sonoma County CA 2017

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A Moment In Wine Show 425 – Braxton Hall Petit Verdot Sonoma County CA 2017

Today we are travelling to central California, Paso Robles.  We are tasting the Braxton Hall Petit Verdot Sonoma County CA 2017.

Petit Verdot is used primarily as a blending grape specifically for Bordeaux wines.  First discovered and used in France for blending, this grape is used less now in France due to how late the grape ripens.  In the late 1800’s this region was severely damaged by a Phylloxera plague and then a huge frost in 1956 that killed the majority of the grapes.

Now Petit Verdot has a bigger home in California and Washington State.

Unique characteristics of this grape is its intense color which is a teeth-staining purple, you cannot see through the wine once it’s in the glass.  On the nose, the wine has an earthy, leaf pile smell, dried flowers and strong, ripe fruit.  The taste is a tongue cleansing soft, rich velvety taste with a deep tannin in the back of the mouth.

Pair this wine with rich meats like grilled sausage or a venison steak or stew.

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Tregaskis and Summit Wine Cellars have created dramatic custom wine cellars for clients throughout the world, from Maine to California, and Bangalore to Buenos Aries.

Tregaskis also writes about wine, conducts tastings and hosts a radio show on wine for NPR station WHDD/Robin Hood Radio based in Sharon Conn.

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