A Moment In Wine Show 400 2017 Crown Peak Winery Petite Sirah

Today we are tasting the 2017 Crown Peak Petit Sirah from Sonoma County, CA which is in Northern California.

Petit Sirah was developed in France to an alternative to Syrah designed to be more disease and rot resistant.  It seems to have found a home in California though, with many producers in the Central Coast and Sonoma appellations making some very successful wines.

The wine produced is teeth staining dark purple with big bold flavors, opaque in the glass, and often used for blending to add body and complexity to other wine grape varieties.

In the glass, the color is an inky, purple-blue.  The nose is pleasant with blueberry, plum and chocolate overtones.  Plentiful tannins balance the big fruit flavor with a hint of black pepper in the back of the throat.

This big wine can stand up to spicy foods so pair this wine with chicken and mole sauce or something grilled with a spicy BBQ sauce.