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Owning a wine cellar is the basis of great enjoyment, but there are pitfalls if one loses control of their inventory. A poor wine inventory will lead to a waste of wine as much as poor storage conditions. Opening a wine way too young or past its prime are mistakes we are all bound to make one time or another.

Take notes! Create a system.

  • Catalog the location and age of your bottles.
  • Indexing the wines in your racks will help you locate and keep track of every wine in your collection. Bottle tags or bar code stickers can be helpful.
  • Keep track of every bottle going in or out of the cellar. The bottle tags may be set aside for keeping your cellar log up to date, or a barcode system can be used to simply swipe the bottles going in and out of the cellar.
  • Although many bottles of wine age well, others are best drunk young. Keeping a record as you drink them will help you decide what wines to drink when. Sad is saving a wine for too long only to have it taste flabby or thin when you could have enjoyed it earlier. Keeping a record will help prevent this.
  • To prevent wines from aging too quickly make sure your cellar is at optimum temperature and humidity. 55 degrees or 13 degrees C is the standard, although a few degrees probably will not make much of a difference as long as it doesn’t fluctuate too much.
  • Having a wine cellar in your home is a wonderful way to monitor your wines and have wine ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Sell when conditions are right. Our tastes change with time. If your cellar is carrying too many wines, that you have grown out of or are about to over-age, sell them now. This leaves you with wines you know you can enjoy and funds to stock up on wines to suit your taste. If the market has a higher perception of a wine than you do, why not sell it and replace it with something of better value in your view.
  • Be confident of your tastes. After all, who is going to tell you a wine tastes better than another? You! Taste the wines you are going to cellar. Beware of storing wines for many years on the advice of others. Your tastes will differ.
  • Your taste will develop and evolve over time. Build up your cellar carefully and don’t be afraid if you trade or sell off bottles that no longer interest you.
  • Your cellar should have a balanced mix of wines ready to drink now, inexpensive wines for entertaining, wines that are aging and special wines for special occasions.

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